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проект "Elizabeth II"

    V этап: "Мой результат"

17.10.11 - 23.10.11

На этом этапе мы предлагаем Вам оформить биографию королевы на английском языке, используя материал всех туров нашего проекта.

Это может быть презентация, видеоролик, сайт, посвященный английской королеве Елизавете II


Elizabeth II  is the Queen of Great Britain.

At present the British royal family is headed by Queen Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, this is the full name of the Queen, became queen at the age of 26 when her father, King George VI, died  in 1952.

The Queen is thought to have a very courageous personality.

Carolly Erickson, the biographer of Queen Elizabeth II, in her book «Lilibet: An intimate Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II» describes a very telling episode which occurred during Windsor Royal Horse racing show in May, 1978. 

The Queen, beautifully dressed, wearing high-heeled shoes, was watching the horses with thousands of other people.

Suddenly an unexpected thing happened. 

One of the carriages turned down and the horse went galloping very fast, dragging the carriage behind itself.

No one could utter a word, people didn’t know what to do.

All of a sudden the Queen rushed to the galloping horses and caught the bridle reins trying to balance on her high-heeled shoes.

Then prince Philip came to help and together they managed to stop the enraged horses. The crowd roared and apploaded, but the Queen looked calm and reserved as usual.

Always keeping a brave face throughout the trials and tribulations of her reign, Elizabeth II is a role model for British public figures and commoners alike.



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